Foundation for Choral Music in Manitoba

A resource for new initiatives and creative programming for individuals and choirs in the Province of Manitoba

FCMM has provided support to help new initiatives to be successfully staged and special choral events to breathe new life into choirs all over Manitoba.

FCMM is here to help Manitoba's choral community thrive. Perhaps we can help you.


What we do

Foundation for Choral Music in Manitoba exists to assist choirs throughout the province in their special projects.

Choirs have received assistance to bring in experienced professionals for workshops and performances and for commissioning new works.

Individuals have received assistance in their pursuit to become more qualified choral educators and directors.

New initiatives have been successfully staged; and special choral events have breathed new life into our choirs all over.

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Grant Guidelines and Criteria

Deadline Dates

May 1 (for projects proposed September 1 and later)

September 1 (for projects proposed January 1 and later)

January 1 (for projects proposed June 1 and later)

Applicants may apply earlier for projects for the planning of their choral season.


Who is Eligible to Apply?

Individuals, unorganized groups, and/or organizations. 

Individuals, unorganized groups and/or organizations that do not have a registered charitable number with Canada Revenue Agency must make their grant application with the support of an organization with a registered charitable number. Additional documentation required is available from the FCMM Program Administrator prior to preparing the application. 

Must be a Canadian citizen, or satisfy the requirements for Canadian resident. 

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How to Apply

There will be three allocations of funds per year. Applications must be POSTMARKED by the deadline dates of January 1, May 1 or September 1.

Applications must include:

  • Completed Application Registration Form with original signatures. All sections must be completed and all questions answered. 
  • Inclusion of audio material of past activity is recommended (Does not have to be of professional broadcast quality). 
  • Time line for requested payment of grant funds based on project activity.
    Up to 75% upon request and 25% after submission of report after completion of project. 

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Emergency Grant

Situations occasionally arise in the implementation of a choral project which, because of unforeseen circumstances, compromise the success of the project. 

FCMM is pleased to add an Emergency Grant opportunity to be available under the certain circumstances.